Online shopping is highly convenient and easy!

Here are the most frequently asked questions to help you get through the process swiftly and without hassle.

Q. How can I order?

You can visit our “How to Order” page which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to browse our product range and place your order.

Q. How can I confirm my order?

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation call from the RCG Customer Service Department. After you confirm your credentials, your order will be confirmed and you will be told when to expect delivery. You will also receive a confirmation SMS and email

Q. How can I exchange what I ordered?

You can edit your cart at any time while shopping and you also have the option of changing/altering your order when you get a confirmation email or call. Once you get your order, you have the option of exchanging it within a period of 3 days from delivery without any extra charges. Exchanges are limited to another item from the same brand but cannot be extended to other items/brands in the store. For more information on this, Kindly visit Return & Refund page.

Return & Refund


Q. How much does delivery cost? Is free delivery available?

Yes, we do offer free and convenient delivery options. If you want us to wave-off the delivery charges, you will have to use the bank payment option. When you pay us via bank account, all of your delivery charges will be waived. If you choose COD (cash on delivery), you will have to pay only 200 PKR/- for delivery of packages within 3 kilograms and 250 PKR/- for packages over 3 kilograms.

Q. How much time does shipping require?

Local delivery takes only 2-3 working days. International delivery takes from 7-10 working days.

Q. Can I check the delivery status of my order?

We use reliable courier services and will send you a notification when your order has been dispatched with respective courier service. In order to track your order, visit the website of the courier service used and enter your tracking number.

Sign into your RCG account in order to see your order status. You are also welcome to call our Customer Support Service for assistance.

Q. What do I do if I receive an Incomplete Damaged order?

We offer a full refund if you receive a damaged/incomplete order which you can claim within 7 days of delivery. Please call our friendly customer support staff for queries or claims and you can also opt for the live chat option. If you have a detailed query which requires a thorough reply, please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.